About Me

Innovator, Engineer, and Tech Enthusiast

I have dedicated my career as a Solutions Architect & Full Stack Software Engineer to discovering and building on disruptive technologies. Most recently, I have been focused on mastery of infrastructure-as-code solutions that enable serverless deployment configurations as well as blockchain and distributed ledger technologies that are ushering in the next generation of the web.

I will be a leader of a team of developers, engineers, and creatives working on a wide range of ambitious technology projects that shape the future of the world as we know it. 

To better the world by developing solutions using new technologies that dramatically improve the lives of millions of people by enabling access to economic opportunity that was not previously possible.

My goal is to continuously improve my development and team-building skills to move the state of technology as we know it towards a better future.

Experience & SKILLS

A Communicative, Creative Developer

Through years of building software with teams of varying sizes, I have learned the skills required to transform technical concepts in to simplified, presentation-ready materials. I have also matured into a rare form of software developer that can tout a mastery of relationship-building and communication skills.


it director

Sierra Lobo

Lead team of developers and network engineers through years of complex aerospace engineering projects


full stack DEVELOPER


Founded a software engineering organization with a focus on website development and integration solutions




Co-founded a creative web development agency to build custom web solutions for small to mid-size businesses




Managed team of developers with a focus on business intelligence, analytics, and reporting solutions


Front-end Web Development
SQL / Oracle / NoSQL Database Development
Distributed Ledger Technologies
UI / UX Design / Photoshop / Illustrator
SharePoint / M365 Development
Macroeconomics, Investing, and Financial Technologies
Infrastructure-as-code and Serverless Development


Typescript / Javascript / NodeJS
AWS / Azure / GCP
React / AngularJS
Rust / Solidity
.NET Development


Professional Roles

I sometimes struggle to answer the question of, “What do you do?”. This is because my work is spread across a wide range of experiences from development, design, testing, business management, reporting, and experimentation. I stay up at night watching tutorials and learning new skills in a never-ending pursuit of technology.

Software Engineer

For over twenty-five years I have been building, testing, breaking, and fixing software projects. Some of these projects have been successful. Some of these projects have been unsuccessful. All of these projects have contributed to my capabilities as a developer and engineer.

Emerging Technologist

Since blockchain started to emerge as a disruptive technology, I have been obsessed with learning how to harness the power of this infrastructure to build the next generation of global financial applications. I am committed to becoming a blockchain master.

Cloud Solutions Architect

I have led organizations through migrations from physical hardware over to virtualized infrastructures. Subsequently, I have lead companies through cloud infrastructure migrations. Working through these projects has allowed me to become extremely well-versed in AWS, Azure, and GCP technologies.

Creative & UI/UX Designer

I believe it is a rarity to find a software engineer that also has UI-UX design skills. However, I remain committed to the exploration of the creative arts and I believe that these exercises in creativity often allow for the discovery of innovative solutions in my role as a developer.

Recent Development Projects

What I'm Building

With the recent excitement around so many emerging technologies in the distributed ledger space, I have been laser-focused on learning, testing, and building on a select few promising projects all while leveraging my prior experience building business intelligence solutions.


J. Brandon Johnson

With each day building on the last, I continually find myself constructing elegant solutions driving more business value than I ever dreamed possible. There is nothing that can stop me from achieving my vision, my mission, and providing the best possible life for my family.

If you are reading this message, there is a good chance that I am the best possible candidate for your company to succeed.  Grant me the opportunity and we can build a beautiful future together. I will not fail because I have the experience, the determination, and the unrelenting desire to achieve greatness.


Client Feedback

Objective criticism is the fuel for faster learning. Stay humble and hard work can be its own reward. I measure my success by the number of lives impacted, and I know that I can do more, reach more, and be more.

Not only is he a quick learner but also an excellent communicator. I would highly recommend him for any role! What Brandon sets his mind to, he accomplishes and he makes the people around him better along the way too.

Nithin Jilla Educator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Brandon is reliable, dedicated and has an in-depth understanding of a vast array of technologies. His knowledge and development experience is second to none. He also possesses the ability to handle delicate situations with clients and has a gift for explaining technical issues in terms his audience can understand.

Allan Browning Senior Business Analyst

I cannot recommend Brandon enough for any role, project, or team not only because of his expertise, but also because of the genuine person that he is.

Daniel Zorub Manager of Donations & Partnerships

Interesting News

What I'm Reading

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